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What area do you service?
Currently only servicing the community of Cochrane at this time.

Do you pick up the dog when we aren’t home? Do you require a key?
Yes, dog(s) will be picked up from your home and transported with their friends to a nearby dog friendly location. Yes we will require a key, or garage code and any alarm codes associated with entering into your home.


How do we pay for services?
Billing is sent bi-weekly by email and payments can be made via credit card or cheque.


What age can my puppy join group walks?

Puppies can start on group walks when they finish their vaccination series or at 16 weeks of age. This age is optimal time for puppies to start to develop confidence with car rides, different sights and sounds, social skills, and recall. Typically puppies do not wander far from their walker as they do not have the confidence and are afraid to be alone. As well, this is a great opportunity for your puppy to establish a bond with their walker.


Don’t the dogs run away when they are off leash?
Most owners who sign up for group pack walks already venture with their dogs at off leash parks. We start all new dogs on a long line to ensure and work towards a reliable recall with positive reinforcement. Once recall and the bond between dog and their walker is established we graduate the dogs to leash free. We will reintroduce the long line at any point when recall is lacking. Dogs are innate pack animals and prefer not to be alone. We find that new dogs learn quickly from the other dogs in a pack environment.


How many dog do you take off leash at a time?
In accordance to Cochrane Bylaw 14-2, we only take a maximum of 4 dogs on each Group Pack Walk.


How do you keep the dogs in control?
We ensure that all dogs are calm and in control through consistency and structured expectations. The dogs are still able to run around and play but we ensure that manners and commands are followed through. We do not tolerate jumping up, humping, pulling or bullying behaviour from any of the dogs. We practice manners and thresholds (walking through doorways, getting into and out of the car by name, walking calmly into and out of the park on leash etc). We also practice sit, stays, and downs on our walks. Mental stimulation is just as important and physical exercise.

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